Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby must haves

Okay all you expectant moms.......

I know a lot of us are second time Mommies, and most of us aren't due for what seems like 10 years but I already have running in my head all my must haves so I thought I'd share!

Nuk Orthodontic Pacifiers

(the orthodontic shape is better formed to the mouth and in my experience falls out less that the straight designs like the soothies)

Swaddle blankets or just the good ol swaddle technique

These are great b/c they can't wiggle out of them as easily, wonderful for bed time.

Then there's the always trusty swaddle method that Liberty is already learning!

An inclined breathable sleep positioner

This one is the The First Years™ Airflow™ Wedge with Sleep Positioner by Learning Curve™

Liberty loved this! The incline was always great if she fell asleep while eating and she slept longer with the sleep positioner. Of course this is only good until they start rolling over!

A waterproof mattress pad and lap pads for the crib

I would put the lap pad down under the sleep position when she was really little so if she spit up I didn't have to change the sheets. I also put in in her bassinet a lot of times. Seriously the last thing you want to do is change the sheet every day!

The crib waterproof mattress pad is a must, imagine poopy leakage soaked through to the mattress.....nasty.

For all you Breast feeding Mommas

The Medela Special Needs feeder


Don't let the name fool you. I got one of these nipples in the hospital because she was in the nicu and it was great. It's designed to be most like the nipple and has different flow levels. So you start out on the shortest line and the rotate over to the longest after a bit to simulate your let down. With a normal bottle they will get the same amount the whole time and can become frustrated when they go back to you. Daddies and grandmas love to have a special time to feed the babies and I didn't want to deny them that!

These are just a few, and obviously not everything you need....but they were some of my must have on hand items.

Love you all!