Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vintage Metal Typewriter table makeover

I snagged this old typewriter table from my Mama's basement in August.  I can't resist old rusty metal.  My Mom was like "you really want that?!"  I knew with a little love it would be right at home in my orphaned furniture house.  

Here's a little before 
(I actually wanted to keep it like this but was worried about the lead and rust with my girlies)

Who knows what this writing is....Mom, Uncle Bill....anyone? ;)

Step 1: Remove all hardware and clean with a water vinegar solution.  I didn't paint the screws or casters to keep the piece authentic looking.

Step 2: Lay all the pieces out and spray one coat of Rust-Oleum Rust Reformer on all sides.

{sorry for the horrible picture, I sprayed it in the sun so it would dry faster}

Step 3: Do multiple light coats of the spray paint of your choice.  I used Valspar Indigo and I LOVE it.  The after allotted dry time put it all back together!

I topped mine off with a green house from Ikea and some old books.  These little tables are awesome and versatile.  If you see one, snatch it up!  You won't be disappointed.  

Much Love,

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I LOVE Pinterest.....I really do

Okay so I know almost everyone is on Pinterest now, while others just aren't into it, I absolutely love it!  I think what I like most about it is it helps organize my brain.  I'm a touch OCD and really like organization.  I think of my "boards" as file folders.  They are much more organized than my real file folders....but we don't need to go into that.  

(hello lover)

The other thing I think is so amazing about Pinterest is that it has opened up a world of new ideas, images, and places.  I know some people would say it's too much information, too much inspiration, but I say I would rather have too much than not enough!!  

Take this for example....

Run a cup of vinegar through you dishwasher, then take the vinegar out and sprinkle baking soda on the bottom and run a short cycle.  I had never don't this....but I did....and it was AWESOME! Oh the joys of a clean dishwasher!

If you aren't on Pinterest, do it, do it. ;)  It doesn't hurt when you see your dining room light on the main page a few times either!

This is our dining room light inspired by Kara Paslay and Anthropologie

I was thinking about doing a tutorial on how we made this.  Anyone actually be interested in that?

Happy Pinning! And may the odds be ever in your favor....or something like that. ;)

Much Love,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Long weekend in the "pooo"

We spent this Labor Day weekend in Georgia visiting Nano (Dustin's Mom).  She lives on this awesome property with a pool, tons of animals, a river, and 98 acres to roam.  The girls were really only concerned with the pool and animals.  It was a chore free, fun weekend for all.

 Honey Pie

The hardest part of the whole weekend was keeping this one out of the pool when it wasn't swim time!

 We ended the weekend at Ikea, like every trip to Atlanta usually does.  I love that place.  Some people say it's overdone, but I think you can create so many different styles from one item that in my book it's awesome sauce.

Much Love,

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meet and Greet

So I've been thinking/dreaming/wanting to start blogging again for a long time.  I'm a dreamer but rarely ever pull the trigger on my dreams.  I am a confident person, but the unknown scares me.  I know literally next to nothing about computers, they intimidate me so much.  My husband is a geek and always talks all techy and I just look a him with wide eyes and go "I have no idea what you are talking about".  I constantly have to remind him that he has to talk to me like I'm an alien and know nothing about Earth.  (you know that exercise you did in school where you have to tell an alien how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.....pretty sure he failed)  So all that to say all of the technical blog stuff is completely out of my realm of understanding.  So for now we are going super basic and simple and hopefully I will learn some things along the way.  Never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.  Okay enough's us.  The Waldrop/Foxx identity challenged family.
Family photo October 2011

Lorelei Moran and Me


Liberty Eden

So that's us! I'm so crazy blessed, I love my family to pieces.  Hopefully this all shows up when I hit post ;)

-Much Love

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby must haves

Okay all you expectant moms.......

I know a lot of us are second time Mommies, and most of us aren't due for what seems like 10 years but I already have running in my head all my must haves so I thought I'd share!

Nuk Orthodontic Pacifiers

(the orthodontic shape is better formed to the mouth and in my experience falls out less that the straight designs like the soothies)

Swaddle blankets or just the good ol swaddle technique

These are great b/c they can't wiggle out of them as easily, wonderful for bed time.

Then there's the always trusty swaddle method that Liberty is already learning!

An inclined breathable sleep positioner

This one is the The First Years™ Airflow™ Wedge with Sleep Positioner by Learning Curve™

Liberty loved this! The incline was always great if she fell asleep while eating and she slept longer with the sleep positioner. Of course this is only good until they start rolling over!

A waterproof mattress pad and lap pads for the crib

I would put the lap pad down under the sleep position when she was really little so if she spit up I didn't have to change the sheets. I also put in in her bassinet a lot of times. Seriously the last thing you want to do is change the sheet every day!

The crib waterproof mattress pad is a must, imagine poopy leakage soaked through to the mattress.....nasty.

For all you Breast feeding Mommas

The Medela Special Needs feeder


Don't let the name fool you. I got one of these nipples in the hospital because she was in the nicu and it was great. It's designed to be most like the nipple and has different flow levels. So you start out on the shortest line and the rotate over to the longest after a bit to simulate your let down. With a normal bottle they will get the same amount the whole time and can become frustrated when they go back to you. Daddies and grandmas love to have a special time to feed the babies and I didn't want to deny them that!

These are just a few, and obviously not everything you need....but they were some of my must have on hand items.

Love you all!


Monday, January 18, 2010

My heart will double in size this year

I was a little scared to have a second child. I didn't know how I could love anyone as much as I love Liberty. I realize now my love won't be split in two for my children, but double in size.

This is baby Waldrop at 14 wks 3 days.
Due July 8th, 2010

There is such a baby boom this year! These babies will have lots of friends and lots of love around them! Our child is especially lucky because he/she will have the sweetest big sister anyone could wish for.

God. is. good.

Much Love,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Can't live without.....

Borax, seriously this stuff is amazing. Even Tedd loves it!!!! He looks forward to cleaning becuase we have something that actually works well, and that I make myself! Here's the recipe for my clean all....and I mean all. I use it on counter tops, carpet, bathrooms, floors, clothing stains, glass, dining room table....basically anything I can spray it on I do!

All Purpose Cleaner
Mix together 1 quart warm water, 1 tsp liquid soap, 1 tsp borax and 1/4 C white vinegar. Put in a spray bottle!

I mix it all in my spray bottle, but put the water in first! If you add the other ingredients first you'll just have a bubble mess everywhere.

I tend to add just a tiny but more borax and little bit less vinegar you don't have to, I just
always worry about the vinegar being to harsh on something.

I also add a 1/2 Cup of Borax to every load of laundry. It's cheap and works better than oxyclean as a laundry booster!

p.s. I buy mine at Target or Walmart it's the cheapest I've found


Okay, don't judge this next one.....

The Twilight Soundtrack, I know lame....but I actually LOVE it!

I listen to it in the car, working out, whenever I need a pick me up! I bought mine on itunes (CD cases are such a waste of space to me)

I really probably just wanted an excuse to blog about twilight without looking like a freak. I don' think I accomplished that though :(.


My Jane Austen: The Complete Novels

In one handy book I have all of my Jane Austen Favs at hand whenever I need a fix. I take this book everywhere.


And lastly, my Library Card......

This little rascal brings me hours and hours of enjoyment. Not only to I get to read books for free (granted if I had the amazing built in bookshelves that I have in my dreams I would probably spend entirely too much money on books to fill them), but Liberty gets to take books home that she loves too! I've also started renting a few movies (mostly masterpiece theater ha). Go check out your local library today if you need something to do on this rainy Nashville, almost fall (yeah!!!) day.

Much love,