Monday, January 18, 2010

My heart will double in size this year

I was a little scared to have a second child. I didn't know how I could love anyone as much as I love Liberty. I realize now my love won't be split in two for my children, but double in size.

This is baby Waldrop at 14 wks 3 days.
Due July 8th, 2010

There is such a baby boom this year! These babies will have lots of friends and lots of love around them! Our child is especially lucky because he/she will have the sweetest big sister anyone could wish for.

God. is. good.

Much Love,


  1. that baby is so cute!! i am so excited for you! well, for ALL of us! :) i was just telling kevan how great it is that our baby will have little buddies to grow up with who are all going to be within weeks of each other. SO FUN. Um, can we hang out soon?!

  2. Its so funny ur thng is called liberty n lace.. Kuz my first daughters name is Liberty Laise... My second daughter is Justice... Thought id share... Ty...