Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Can't live without.....

Borax, seriously this stuff is amazing. Even Tedd loves it!!!! He looks forward to cleaning becuase we have something that actually works well, and that I make myself! Here's the recipe for my clean all....and I mean all. I use it on counter tops, carpet, bathrooms, floors, clothing stains, glass, dining room table....basically anything I can spray it on I do!

All Purpose Cleaner
Mix together 1 quart warm water, 1 tsp liquid soap, 1 tsp borax and 1/4 C white vinegar. Put in a spray bottle!

I mix it all in my spray bottle, but put the water in first! If you add the other ingredients first you'll just have a bubble mess everywhere.

I tend to add just a tiny but more borax and little bit less vinegar you don't have to, I just
always worry about the vinegar being to harsh on something.

I also add a 1/2 Cup of Borax to every load of laundry. It's cheap and works better than oxyclean as a laundry booster!

p.s. I buy mine at Target or Walmart it's the cheapest I've found


Okay, don't judge this next one.....

The Twilight Soundtrack, I know lame....but I actually LOVE it!

I listen to it in the car, working out, whenever I need a pick me up! I bought mine on itunes (CD cases are such a waste of space to me)

I really probably just wanted an excuse to blog about twilight without looking like a freak. I don' think I accomplished that though :(.


My Jane Austen: The Complete Novels

In one handy book I have all of my Jane Austen Favs at hand whenever I need a fix. I take this book everywhere.


And lastly, my Library Card......

This little rascal brings me hours and hours of enjoyment. Not only to I get to read books for free (granted if I had the amazing built in bookshelves that I have in my dreams I would probably spend entirely too much money on books to fill them), but Liberty gets to take books home that she loves too! I've also started renting a few movies (mostly masterpiece theater ha). Go check out your local library today if you need something to do on this rainy Nashville, almost fall (yeah!!!) day.

Much love,

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